Hemorrhoids occur

How to treat hemorrhoid outside without surgery

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With external development, bleeding does not occur. Cones are located around the anus outside.

It also requires treatment, since inflammation and thrombosis are possible. The course of the disease is accompanied by pain. Vein thrombosis continues, which can become inflamed and lead to peraproctitis (purulent inflammation).

  • The initial period of development. The appearance of hemorrhoids. When the stomach is released, bloody discharge appears in the stool.
  • Next period. It is characterized by the same signs. Complicated by prolapse of nodules. After defecation, bleeding continues.
  • Third stage. Nodules fall out even with a weak strain on the anus. Bleeding continues, swelling is visible in the area of ​​the posterior opening.
  • The fourth (last) stage. Nodes drop out constantly. Due to edema, they remain outside. The skin near the opening is swollen and very painful. Due to regular blood loss, anemia is possible.

A timely visit to the doctor and the implementation of all his recommendations will help to cope with the disease.

The use of alternative recipes will give temporary relief, but only medication will return you health and the possibility of a full life. Alternative medicine should be used in conjunction, after consulting with your doctor first.

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